Nutrition and Your Fitness

There’s much more to the food we eat than just something that goes in our mouths.

Nutrition is a science that looks at how the substances in food help us grow and maintain our bodies. It’s a simple equation. What goes in, must have an impact. What sort of impact can depend a number of factors including absorption rate, assimilation and biosynthesis.

At Tracs, it’s about what is going on, on the inside. We can explain these terms in everyday language and tailor a plan that’s specifically designed for your particular body and lifestyle. We will show you the importance of a health plan, and how to rehydrate properly after exercise. As a Tracs’ customer, you have access to:

  • A range of eating plans
  • Body scans (that are both quick and non-invasive)
  • A realistic approach to nutrition.

Salty (Not-so) Goodness

You are probably like most Australians then, consuming too much saslt. And while salt is essential for life, by overdoing…

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