Classes to get you moving in the cold weather.

Classes with a workout routine that makes you sweat.

Groups are small in size to ensure specialised training that is the next best thing to the one on one experience, and because everyone these days is busy, busy, busy, TRAC fitness classes are scheduled mornings and night. Classes are also tailored to suit your lifestyle and experience. There are six levels of classes, so there’s no-one slowing things down and there is always a place to fit in.

Programs are designed in-house by local Health and Fitness expert Tim Wood, and personal trainers structure fitness programs around the requirements of individuals. HIIT Classes for beginners & advanced, core strength building, one on one type training, designed to train every part of your body with a mixture of cardio/resistance & weights.

HIIT Classes Beginner/Advance
6 Levels over 6 week cycle
High interval training, 30 sec, 45 sec and 1 min intervals
Small group and one on one type of training
Designed in-house unique to the region
Non-weight bearing exercises
Full body stretch
Aerobics state to an Anaerobic state
Train every part of the body mixture of cardio/resistance and weights
Fantastic way to improve overall health
Focus on technique

Stretch/ Core Classes
Designed in-house unique to Gippsland
Can be done anywhere without equipment.
No need for equipment
Non-weight bearing exercises
Full body stretch